Tasks M1

Erasmus+ 2017/2020



Erasmus+ 2017/2020






TASKS -Overview 1 (Romania)


18.12.2017 - 20.12.2017



Our project which is entitled to receive grants from the European Union Educational fund named "Every Student Is Special", formed by partnership of 6 schools from 5 different countries, based on Erasmus + KA219 Cooperation for innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices  Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only, started with the opening meeting held in Petrosani, Romania .

 Every partner school was represented by the contact person and an English teacher at the meeting.The delegates were met at the Bucharest Airport and taken to their hotel in Petrosani.The meeting lasted for three days as planned in the project form.

  On the first day ( 18th December 2017 ) of the meeting the  participant teachers of each partner school were greeted with bread and salt according to the Romanian tradition  at Colegiul National de Informatica Carmen Sylva.

Pupils in national and traditional costumes met the teachers from Italy, Latvia, Poland and Turkey by saying welcoming words in each countries national languages.

 The headmaster of  Colegiul National de Informatica Carmen Sylva Gabriela also greeted the participants of the project in Romanian Language.She shared creative, innovative projects that have been implicated in the school for several years.After visiting and seeing the parts of the school ,  the project corner and presentation of souvaniers and local desserts, the official studies of the project started in the Headmaster Room which was perfectly designed for the needs of the participants.

 As it was stated in the schedule  of the meeting programme the contract of partnership signed and necessary explanations were done by the coordinator country Turkey’s contact person Gülay ERGİN.Then the national and religious festivals and term holidays of all partner schools were taken under account in order to make necessary changes of the dates of some activities and exchanging cultural information.

 After a short coffee and  tea break the details of  first year’s local project activities were explained by Gülay ERGİN and discussed among partners.Having agreed on the application of the first year’s plan participants exchanged ideas and information about school subjects and educational systems in each school.The participants were made relaxed with a musical performance of Romanian students in traditional clothes after finishing the required tasks of the first day.

   On the second and third days ( 19 -20 December 2017 ) the participants continued on working the details of the rest of the local project activities. And the following topics were taken into cosideration in detail and carefully:

   * The dates of Short Term staff Training Learning/Teaching and Training Activities’ mobility and working days were planned according to the schedule of host country’s contact person’s demands and for the use of project’s success.

   * The task distribution among partner school was made according to the capacity and willingness of the participants.

   *  In order to provide and guarantee the success of the project usage of common criterias for defining the target disadvantageous students and testing materials were stated and clarified by Gülay ERGİN.

   *The dissemination plan and activities of the project

   *Talking and exchanging ideas on social media and dissemination channels of the project.

 At the end of the third day the meeting was ended with the delivery of Participating Certificate and good wishes for the further studies and activities of the project.

 On the social and cultural aspects of the project the host county’s contact person Mariana Rodica POPESCU and the English Teacher Llli GHIBAN and the all teachers of Colegiul National de Informatica Carmen Sylva showed great hospitality and effort to host and please the participants of the projects.They showed great respect and importance to religious

of two Turkish partners eating habits.At the  primary school department visit  the participants welcomed in the classes of different grades and the students gave them their handmade Christmas gifts and the performance of the students were watched with great joy and at the beginning of the performance the National Anthems of each partner country was performed.After the little srudents’ performance a short informal meeting was held in the teacher’s room to exchange experiences and ideas among teachers.  At the social dinner on the second day’s night they performed their national dances all the partners danced and shared wonderful cultural pleasure time all together.





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