Special teacher V. Falko

Erasmus+ 2017/2020
Special teacher Falko


Erasmus+ 2017/2020




2017-1-TR01-KA219-046009 “EVERY STUDENT IS SPECIAL”





Special teacher - sample lesson about problems in learning.

Use of didactic games while studying to develop interest, logical thinking and memory.


2 group.


psychologist's room



  • L. Renge - transl.

  • A. Tolkunova


Vera Faljko - special teacher - works with students with special needs at Riga Pardaugava school


Use of didactic games while studying the topic Multiplication

1.Strengthen pupils' skills in multiplying numbers by 6,7,8 in different forms and levels of difficulties, in solving tasks that develop logical thinking and cognitive abilities.


1 .Reinforce multiplication by 6,7,8. Develop attention, concentration, logical thinking.
2. Acquired skills to use in other lessons and everyday life.
3. In the process of games to develop interest and students ability to learn this topic, In the process of playing, students develop logical thinking and memory

Content of the lesson:

Didactic games for fixing and memorizing the table of multiplication, Interactive teaching materials for the development of mathematical skills and competences.

Teaching methods and techniques:
Visual — Demonstration
Practical Method — Didactic Games
Word Method — Learning Dialogues
Work with text — reading with comprehension

Gate of the lesson:

1.Animating game, on developing attention: "Find a house for a number M.
2. Didactic game "One result, different variants". The end result is 12
3. Find a multiplication results of the numbers of 6,7,8- put down and find and colour them!
4. Physical break: "Spider"
5. Didactic multiplication: "Calculate the pyramid".
6. Strengthening skills, including fine motor skills: "Throw the dice and multiply the numbers".
7. "Put sums in logical order to form a circle."- generalization, reflection







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