Benevento - storic center

Erasmus+ 2017/2020




Erasmus+ 2017/2020






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Benevento - Visit storic center



Benevento is one of the oldest cities of Italy and has never had continuity solution during its historic development. Over several millennia it has known different civilizations and dominations, it has gone through several historical phases, sometimes more sometimes less important, always preserving some traces , even discreet, of its considerable past. A visit of Benevento is an authentic voyage into the history: from the period of the dinosaurs to the current evolution of the artistic and contemporary western civilization .This route presents the excellences of Benevento: the fundamental places and monuments to know and to enjoy the city. We recommend to make the visit on foot. The tour lasts at least 5 hours, even if, due to the richness of places, we recommend at least a full day.





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