Erasmus+ 2017/2020
Activities in Poland
Participants Poland


Erasmus+ 2017/2020







Nowa Ruda

Primary School no 2 of Janusz Korczak

Primary School is a public school of general education. The school is located in a small city, Nowa Ruda, in the south of Poland. The interior of the school is modern. It contains redecorated and well equipped classrooms and sport facilities. There is a computer room, science and language laboratories. We have also an assembly hall and two inside and outside pitches. The school offers a wide variety of extra activities like drama productions, football team, handicraft and computer classes.
There are 360 pupils aged 9-16 and 53 qualified  teachers. Students come from different social backgrounds. 60 % of them come from poor, disadvanteged and unemployed families, as the school is in the post-mining land.




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